Penultimate Day

After a couple of day’s break we are now back in Kampala and will be heading home tomorrow (arriving Tuesday).

The trip has we feel, been very successful, challenging at times, and has given us a lot to prayerfully consider on our return.

Thank you to all who have followed our journey and kept us in your prayers.

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Day 16 Hoima / Kampala

???????????????????????????????IMG_9930 In the tomb resizedAwoke to torential rain and thunder and blood on the balcony (not ours). A leisurely breakfast and discovered today was a national holiday (why were we not told that earlier?) Collected repaired wheel and changed up some money. An unscheduled stop at the elecrical store to meet Gerald (husband of Juliet whom we met last night), then off to see the Diocesan Secretary to discuss the future of the Matendo Vocational Training Centre (He was not there because it was a national holiday) Alright for some!!!! However, after a short wait he did come to see us. He was quite enthusiastic about the project and suggested we should see the Bishop, who was in Kampala having just returned from a month away. We did try to arange a meeting for the evening when we would also be in Kampala but to no avail. A short telephone conversation was all we could manage. Jackson had wanted us to meet with the King (not Elvis) but guess what…..he was in Masindi. Jackson then took us to see his office. Public holiday = office locked. More waiting while key is sent for, and so eventually we saw Jackson’s office and the Kingdom’s parliament. It was then arranged for us to visit the Mparo Tombs (the dead centre of town!!!) in celebration of Omukama Kabalega. An interesting cultural experience. Back to Jackson’s office, no Jackson. We met up in town and went for lunch (interesting cafe)!!! Another stop at the electrical store and we finally headed for Kampala, a three hour drive but at least the road was tarmac.

After the pleasant countryside we entered the total chaos that is Kampala. Sights, smells and traffic have to be seen to be believed. We survived and arrived at the Kenrock hotel…well… we did book budget!!! Never the less a reasonable Indian type meal and beer. Altogether a somewhat frustrating dayIMG_9963 Kampala chaos resizedIMG_9980 Brochettes resizedIMG_9994 Pots resized

Day 13 & 14 Kibaale

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Sunday 27th –

We attended a church service at St John’s, Kijjabwemmi where Ian and Paul preached in the English service and Carmen traumatised the Sunday school by trying to teach them a new song.

Joined Jackson and Pascal who met us at Zebra Hotel left at 12.30 for a hot and dusty ride cross country to Kibaale. We stopped for half an hour in Mubende for chicken brochettes and roasted plantain then on to the Starlight Hotel (Ugandan diocese do not have Guest houses) where we arrived at 7.30pm. No internet access and our Rwandan mobile dongle will not work here, but the food is not bad. Watched English football  on the tv and they have a pool table.

IMG_9128 Hotel resizedIMG_9233 Conference room resizedMonday 28th –

Awoke to no electricity which means no hot water. Leisurely breakfast of boiled egg and chapati with LEMON TEA, Paul was not amused. Then off to the Matendo Vocational training centre. Four years ago we visited the foundations, now this enormous project is a functional building, still requiring a significant amout of work but a remarkable transformation. It is hoped the first course can start in approximately two weeks.  After a meeting with some of those involved we moved on to the local church, which is still under construction. They were able to show us the keybaord donated by one of our local Primary Schools and the bibles and other books donated by our supporters. We also visited the local primary school.  Ugandan children do not return to school until 4th Feb so we were only able to speak with the deputy head master. However we did see a large number of items from the container sent about 8 months ago.

We then returned to Jackson’s home where he treated us to a delicious lunch and had a very productive discussion regarding the future of the Matendo VTC.  Jackson alaso lent us his mobile internet  dongle to allow us to post the blog.IMG_9225 Jackson resized

Day 15 Kibaale / Hoima

IMG_9667 Termite mound resized

IMG_9656 Car wash resizedIMG_9623 Village children resizedIMG_9641 Puncture resizedWe started the day with meetings with  several district & government officials and an MP. Then off to Hoima and 4 hours of dirt

roads. We saw the Ugandan countryside and all it’s sights including giant termite mounds and the local car wash. Stopped to buy bananas for lunch and drew quite a crowd of local kids, we definately have a novelty value. The monotony was broken when we saw our first animal wildlife, a black & white colobus monkey. It was further broken some time later when we got a puncture. Still we provided the afternoon’s entertainment for a whole village. Wheel replaced we continued, finally reaching Hoima at 5pm. Yet another hotel, it does have hot water and the lights have not gone out yet!!!! Evening meal was provided by Juliet, a friend of Jackson’s who made us very welcome. Back to the Hoima Resort Hotel for a much needed shower and so to the blog.IMG_9725 Group @ Juliet's resized

Day 12 Kijjabwemi Orphans Project

IMG_8868 Piglets resizedIMG_8934 Recieving Bibles resizedSlightly late start but it gave Ian a chance to do some bird watching / photographing while we waited.
Off to visit the homes of some of our sponsored children. We were greeted warmly and the children were enthusiastic to show us their homes. At the first home we were given refreshments of water and nuts and presented with gifts made by the child. We were shown how the children had used the gifts given to them by their sponsors. One had bought pigs which had just produced a litter, another had bought chickens to provide eggs for the family of Grandmother and 13 children!!!!!!
Then to the school where we were enthusiastically welcomed by the children with song and testimony.
Jubilee Bibles were presented to all the children and we shared lunch.
A tour of the primary and secondary schools showed both in need of considerable refurbishment.
Productive discussions with the administrative staff regarding future management of Ugandan projects, and back to the hotel by 6pm to freshen up.

Our second sortie into town to try and find a restaurant resulted in the purchase of dress material and a plate of french toast and drinks. Not sure Masaka has restaurants. Crossing the road is an experience in itself as the boda boda motorcycle taxis seem to consider headlights a luxury and muzungus are fair game!!!IMG_8646 Samson with chickenIMG_8678 Samson family resized

Day 11 Kimwanyi Clinic

IMG_8282 With baby resizedIMG_8349 Grinding nuts resizedA comparatively leisurly start to the day with breakfast at 8. Then taken to Kijjabwemmi Church for a short meeting with Cannon Eriab Mugerwa and to meet Mariam Biira who helps to oversee the Sponsorship program.

Then on to the Kimwanyi Clinic where we met with the staff, including Nalutaaya Prossy the nurse who is funded by CHI. A tour of the clinic convinced us we should never complain about the NHS or our working conditions again. Most of the patients seemed to have left. Carmen was invited to attend a family planning appointment where the mother in question was having a coil fitted, offer declined as far too intrusive!!!  Most of the drugs previously supplied 6 months ago by CHI had been used. There was also a severe shortage of equipment and furniture. The baby incubator was home made although effective.

Visits to 3 homes where mosquito nets had been received confirmed they were being used and making a difference. At one home we were fascinated t0 see a young girl grinding peanuts.

A quick lunch and on to a meeting with Bishop Godfrey.

Hotel has wifi so blogs should be posted until Sat. After that unknown conectivity so don’t panic if there is no news for a few days.

Day 10 Travel to Masaka, Uganda

IMG_7963 holding kids resizedIMG_8064 Pigs crossing resizedIMG_8071 Never loose hope resizedIMG_7970 boys hugging resizedLeisurly start to the day with a short visit to the King Salomon Nursery school, Byumba. The children were sitting on the chairs sent on one of our containers and playing with tennis balls also from our container. We had fun and as always totally disrupted the  school day.

Then off to the border at Katuna, farewell to Maurice and a smooth link up with our transport in Uganda. And so the journey to Masaka began in ernest. 5 1/2 hours of unmade road under construction (this is the main road through Uganda) and a further 2 hours on completed road which was a relief.  Arrived hot tired and very dusty but were blessed with a very safe driver.

Met with Cannon Eriab Mugerwa. And so to bed.

Day 9 Byumba

IMG_7875 Valens & wheel resizedIMG_7879 Carmen & wheel resizedIMG_7904 Feeding Goats 2 resizedAnother early start, luggage loaded and on schedule for being one and half hours later for our first appointment in Byumba!!!!! Beautiful scenery on the way, Rwanda is aptly named the land of 1000 hills.
Close to Byumba and clearly visible is the Congolese Refugee camp.
Visited three schools where we met some of our sponsored children. Lunch at the Dioscesan Guest House then off again to visit the homes of more of the sponsored children.
We were unable to meet with one of the families as the child had been admitted to hospital, the home was cut into a vertical hill very close to the edge of a drop of approx 1000 feet, we were able to see the pig which had been brought with the money received as gifts from the sponsor. Chance meeting with another sponsored child who demonstrated his skills with a stick and tyre. Carmen also had a go somewhat unsucsessfully, whilst Maurice proved to be quite an expert.
On to visit another family where the Gift money from the sponsor had been used to purchase 2 sheep which have now become 5.
Back to the Diocean Office for an encouraging meeting with Bishop Emmanuel, Thaddee and the rest of the staff.
Finally a cup of tea and quick snack at the guest house before heading back to post the blog. We are looking forward to an early night, hopefully before midnight!!!! Leaving to cross the border into Uganda tomorrow.

Day 8 Shyogwe

IMG_7551 Family with Goat resizedIMG_7582 with Veitty resizedAnother early start and of to Shyogwe a short 1 hour drive away.

First stop St Peters College, a small private Church run school catering for A level students. They made us very welcome but their need for equipment and books is obvious.

A visit to a family who had received a Goat and saw the result of the manure provided by the goat which has resulted in an improved vegatable garden.

Then on to Shyogwe Health Centre. After a short meeting with the Medical Director and a tour of the Centre we were delighted to meet Vietty the nurse funded through our  Nurse + project.

We were then taken for a delicious lunch with Bishop Jered, where various matters regarding the needs of the Docese were dicussed.

A short stop to see the church on Zion hill resulted in a chance meeting with Speciose (Veitty’s wife) and also Prosper the former head teacher of St Peters college. We spent a short while enjoying the view whilst Pastor Maurice (our driver)  met with a collegue. Then back to Kigali by 7pm.

A very plesent evening was spent with Arch Bishop Onesphore Rwaje and his wife Josephine at a local restaurant where ve are obviously regulars now as the waiter new our drinks without asking, are we really that predictable!!!!!

Back to guest house, report written bedtime seems to get later every day

1am zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ian’s Bog !!!!!! Oh we ment Blog

OOPaul and Carmen went to the parish of Bumbogo on Sunday but Ian went to a different Bog-ooooooh. These are the during and after photo’s published with Ian’s permission.
Never before in the field of human history has so much attention been paid by so many to Ian’s poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ian would like to thank everyone in the UK and Rwanda for their prayers.